QuickLog - Time Tracking in Notion for iOS/mac

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Super Fast Time and Event Tracking in Notion


  • Track events and activities without needing to open Notion
  • View time elapsed since an activity began
  • See all your events in multiple ways in the supplied Notion database

Use Cases

  • Personal habit tracker - get an overview of what you've worked on and when
  • Medication tracker - quickly see how long since your last dose and what you took when
  • Project/Client tracker - figure out your billable hours
  • Baby tracker - how long is your baby sleeping? When did they last feed or poop?
  • Anything else you can think of
  • Install multiple versions of the Shortcut and Database to track different things in different places.

How it works

  • Start an Activity
    • Run the Shortcut and choose an Event from a menu, or create a new Event.
    • Set the start time and optionally enter a note.
  • View elapsed time
    • Once an Event has been started, running the Shortcut will show the elapsed time.
  • End an Activity
    • When viewing elapsed time, you can choose to end the Event now, pick the end time, or set it as an event with no duration.
  • Add more details
    • With any of the above steps you can jump directly into the item in Notion to add more details.

See it in action

What's Included?

  • Shortcut for adding events to any Notion database
  • Notion database template with multiple useful views and formulas
  • Full instructions

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QuickLog - Time Tracking in Notion for iOS/mac

1 rating
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